“We try to figure out the best answer to a question,
rather than promote a pre-determined answer.”

Our Firm

SWM Advisors (“SWM”) serves the investment management needs of retirement plans, high net-worth investors and foundations. We apply a low-cost, diversified, and risk appropriate approach to our advisory process. To align with our client’s unique life goals and tolerance for risk, we offer a full range of solutions from Conservative to Aggressive.

Our Philosophy

We believe full transparency, patience, and discipline are essential for any successful advisory relationship. We embrace uncertainty, understand risk and accept outcomes with the understanding that uncertainty and risk are inherent parts of higher rewards. The outcome of this belief system are investment portfolios that align with the life goals of each of our clients.

Our Fiduciary Standard

We are fiduciaries with the legal obligation to put clients’ interests first. We adhere to the highest known standard of care by law – the trust standard. That means fee-only advice, a fully transparent process, and the elimination of the conflicts of interest inherent with the commission-driven platforms of the large banks and brokerage firms.

Our Experience

As it is with most things, experience means a great deal. This is certainly true in today’s complex and rapidly changing global investment management business. Our investment professionals have decades of experience working with individuals, retirement plans, foundations, and some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated corporations, sovereign wealth funds and foreign central banks.


Three Reasons to Work With SWM Advisors:

  1. SWM, as a fiduciary, has the legal obligation to put clients’ interests ahead of the firm’s while adhering to the trust standard – the highest standard of care by law.
  2. SWM is required by state and federal law to fully disclose, in writing, all forms of compensation, material facts, and any conflicts of interest.
  3. SWM accepts responsibility and accountability for its recommendations. It is not prudent to take investment advice from an advisor unwilling to be accountable for their advice.